Plastic Surgery

First I would like to say I am not set on this earth to judge others- it’s not my place nor is it my business.   The only thing that truly upsets me is that people often go through their whole life “waiting” to be happy. “I’ll be happy once I get the job with the good pay , I’ll be happy once I graduate college, or I’ll be happy once I’ve payed off my debts. I’ll be happy once I’m married with a family. I’ll be happy once I can afford rhinoplasty or a breast augmentation or lip injections.”

We spend our whole life anticipating the next chapter in our life, expecting it to bring us an infinite fountain of happiness. All of a sudden, we get to that point in our lives that we thought would bring us happiness & end up extremely disappointed… because we forgot to enjoy the moment, journey, process. The truth is, our happiness is dependent on our choice to do what inspires us every day. When you find yourself doing something that you love and that you feel is your purpose here on Earth, you don’t need an alarm clock in the morning. You wake up because you have found your purpose and are willing to put whatever amount of work in to make your dreams a reality. THIS IS NOT A FALSE NARRATIVE, THIS IS THE TRUTH! Whether that is to get an education to become a lawyer or work at a minimum wage job until you can save up enough money to start a business. Whatever it is- work towards finding what genuinely makes you happy & if you already know what makes you happy all you have to do is believe in yourself and put the work in to achieve your goals. Remember the words of Lewis mocker “you can monetize anything”.   So, go get creative and start your new, inspired life doing what you LOVE.

Well, what does that have to do with plastic surgery ?  What upsets me about plastic surgery is that people often get these procedures done and after all the bruising has healed and the pain has subsided, they look in the mirror and they still are not happy. This is because you literally cannot buy happiness or self love. That is an expensive ass life lesson to learn, that’s for sure. So before you start altering a part of your body make sure it’s not in the search for happiness because that certainly can’t be bought. It can only be found from within. On the other hand, if you love yourself but simply want bigger tits, go for it & piss on the haters… just make sure you are doing it for YOU.

PSA: Although I’m not against plastic surgery, like a lot of things in this life, it’s just not for me.

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