Plastic Surgery

First I would like to say I am not set on this earth to judge others- it’s not my place nor is it my business.   The only thing that truly upsets me is that people often go through their whole life “waiting” to be happy. “I’ll be happy once I get the job with the good pay , I’ll be happy once I graduate college, or I’ll be happy once I’ve payed off my debts. I’ll be happy once I’m married with a family. I’ll be happy once I can afford rhinoplasty or a breast augmentation or lip injections.”

We spend our whole life anticipating the next chapter in our life, expecting it to bring us an infinite fountain of happiness. All of a sudden, we get to that point in our lives that we thought would bring us happiness & end up extremely disappointed… because we forgot to enjoy the moment, journey, process. The truth is, our happiness is dependent on our choice to do what inspires us every day. When you find yourself doing something that you love and that you feel is your purpose here on Earth, you don’t need an alarm clock in the morning. You wake up because you have found your purpose and are willing to put whatever amount of work in to make your dreams a reality. THIS IS NOT A FALSE NARRATIVE, THIS IS THE TRUTH! Whether that is to get an education to become a lawyer or work at a minimum wage job until you can save up enough money to start a business. Whatever it is- work towards finding what genuinely makes you happy & if you already know what makes you happy all you have to do is believe in yourself and put the work in to achieve your goals. Remember the words of Lewis mocker “you can monetize anything”.   So, go get creative and start your new, inspired life doing what you LOVE.

Well, what does that have to do with plastic surgery ?  What upsets me about plastic surgery is that people often get these procedures done and after all the bruising has healed and the pain has subsided, they look in the mirror and they still are not happy. This is because you literally cannot buy happiness or self love. That is an expensive ass life lesson to learn, that’s for sure. So before you start altering a part of your body make sure it’s not in the search for happiness because that certainly can’t be bought. It can only be found from within. On the other hand, if you love yourself but simply want bigger tits, go for it & piss on the haters… just make sure you are doing it for YOU.

PSA: Although I’m not against plastic surgery, like a lot of things in this life, it’s just not for me.

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I’m certainly not Buddha, I’m not enlightened nor am I divine. I’m not anything close to perfect I get upset, angry, discouraged, and disheartened. This site is not promoting an indestructible feeling of happiness 24/7 because to be quite honest: that is not sustainable nor does it exist.  There are days when I dread leaving the comfort of my bed or doing anything adult-like.  I learned how to cope with these types of days by getting out of bed anyway and changing the conscious thoughts I put into my head. I filtered through the people I surrounded myself with to make sure there was little to no negative energy surrounding me. Most importantly, I created new habits & found myself.  I suddenly realized that this life has a way of balancing itself out and  the lowest lows are going to be offset with extraordinary highs. Instead of an indestructible happiness, I will promote the will to learn and grow through self education, increased emotional intelligence, and  with that- find a feeling of purpose and change the course of your daily thoughts. I want to try to encourage others to find what truly inspires them so that they can live their life according to that, and not the societal norm. I want to bring you along my journey of life and share with you my happiness, and how I got over a sadness that I thought would last a lifetime.

Thank you for your support and feedback ❤

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ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS DIP BROW POMADE  in DARK BROWN: This is my all time favorite brow product!   This product is all over the makeup blogs, youtube channels, and inter web for a reason! It is very pigmented so you don’t need a lot of product on your brush to achieve the look you are going for and it allows you to build up as needed. The dip brow pomade will give LIFE to your brows while still allowing them to look natural. It took a lot of practice to get used to this product so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right on the first try! Once you master it you will  never go back. My favorite tip that I use when constructing a fantastic brow is that I always start filling in the outer part of my eyebrow and work towards my inner brow.

Disclaimer: The Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil is an easier product to use if you are just starting to venture into the land of fleeky eyebrows!

KAT VON D TATOO LINER: I love this eyeliner because it allows you to draw a VERY thin and precise line, but you can add thickness as you desire. I always angle a piece of scotch tape on the outer corners of my eyes to achieve the desired angle because straight lines are not my forte.

NARS BLUSH IN THE SHADE AMOR: I have a tan complexion and I love the way this very warm pink blush compliments my skin and also contrasts with my eye color! For me- the warmer and pinker- the better!

MAKEUP FOREVER PRO BRONZE FUSION: I love the color that this profusion bronzer adds to my face.  It’s a nice shade of tan with a very beautiful shimmer. I usually do a powder contour, so this bronzer really helps add dimension to my face despite my chubby cheeks😫.

BECCA CHAMPAGNE POP HIGHLIGHT: This highlighter is so bright and intense, the gold undertone compliments darker skin fabulously! I always apply my highlighter to my cheek bones, upper lip, and bridge of my nose.

BECCA ULTIMATE COVERAGE CONCEALING CREME: This creme changed my life! It brightens your under eyes/dark circles impeccably.

LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT LOOSE SETTING POWDER: This powder is PERFECTION when it comes to setting your foundation. I haven’t always set my foundation with powder, but as my makeup IQ increased, I realized that setting your foundation makes it longer lasting while preventing the product from sliding all over your face! Trust me- setting your foundation with powder is a MUST!


ARDELL DOUBLE UP 206 LASHES: These false lashes add glam to any makeup look, they are very affordable, but contradictorily make you feel like a million bucks! EYELASH TIP: For sooooo long I tried falsies and they always overwhelmed my face and made me look like a fool! I realized that my eyes are very narrow so I had to trim the lashes drastically to fit my eyes! Be sure to trim the outside of the lashes and NOT the inner corners!


ELF BB CREAM: I used this as my base foundation! It’s literally probably 3 dollars but it looks flawless on my skin! It’s very dewy and lightweight and its’ ability to build up and transform itself into a full coverage foundation is outstanding! AMAZEBALLS!

LOREAL VOLUMINOUS MASCARA- My all time favorite mascara! My mom introduced it to me when I first started makeup and it has been on my favorite’s list ever since. I have tried other mascaras but always come back to this! Very affordable and provides your real lashes with fullness & definition.

COVERGIRL 805 NUDES SHADOWS- This palette is so affordable and the nudes provide you with  8 shades that work for everyday looks and when used properly, can transform into  a glam look. Be sure to blend, pretties 🙂

MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER- This primer is so affordable and makes your skin so soft and creates a perfect canvas for any foundation!

I know this list seems extensive, and it is, but I hope I introduced you to some new products to try!

Let us know that we are all beautiful- behind the make up, the falsies, and the very tasteful clothes. Our most beautiful attributes should be felt by others and not seen. Each and everyday can be seen as a new opportunity to improve ourselves in our skill for make up, our intelligence, and our spirit.  It is also a new opportunity to help others in any way we can, even if the only thing we have to give is a smile or a friendship.



I’m thankful that someone I truly valued as an asset to my life treated me as if I wasn’t worthy of his time; because in result, it put my character to the ultimate test. I fell down and I stayed down long enough to really evaluate what I wanted out of life and the person I desired to be in the future. I took a long hard look in the mirror at who I’ve become. I realized I didn’t like the girl who was staring back at me and evaluated how I allowed outside influences to alter what I believed in. I took responsibility for my mistakes and took a vow to become the best version of myself. I decided to stand back up and stand for me.


I started reading more and staying in on the weekends and distancing myself from negative thoughts and units. I found a hobby that was productive and healthy and that made me feel inspired (Foreign Exchange Currency Trading).  I spent an incredible amount of time with my family. I unfollowed social media accounts that didn’t correlate with what I believed in and the person I was trying to be. I collaborated and shared ideas with people who were also inspired.


And in result, I took twenty steps forward. I started roller blading in public to help my  anxiety and rip me out of my comfort zone. A lot of passerby laughed while I stumbled over stones or cracks in the sidewalks, but instead of quitting and going back to hide in my room, I found myself laughing with them. Rollerblading on the sidewalk along busy roads around a college town actually skyrocketed my confidence and diminished my fear of failure. With that being said, I challenge you to challenge yourself! Enter situations that will pull you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a person.  I created a vision board with goals I wanted to accomplish and  even materialistic items I wished to acquire over the course of this year; this serves me as a daily reminder that I can achieve anything I put my heart into. Having a vision board that you have to look at every day creates clarity of your goals and also serves a source of external motivation if you are feeling sluggish. I also began a steady ritual of trading everyday and it encouraged me to make a conscious effort to learn more about the subject of currency trading & the many emotions that come along with it, every  single day. Finding a hobby that you enjoy (that is also beneficial to you) is life changing!! Most importantly, I taught myself how to believe in myself again, and fall back in love with life and myself. A word from someone who has felt discouraged and low- fall out of love with the fuck boy and in love with the idea of growing and making a conscious effort to be the best YOU you can be. This time, my happiness is not coming from any outside source, not a person, not a motivational video or book or even my vision board, but from within.

And with that, I have found hope.

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10 ways to endure temporary sadness

Sadness is inevitable; there are days that are not so bright and days when you do not feel encouraged or you do not feel like you are worth it. My advice is to take the initiative – grab your sadness by the horns- and try my remedies to curing temporary sadness. Head up, babes ❤

1. Take a drive….Play the saddest song you know and allow yourself to feel upset. Sing as loud as you can or talk out your problems to yourself until you are over your pity party. When you are starting to feel  better stop at a gas station that has donuts, treat yourself to one with vanilla icing & rainbow sprinkles,  a Coca Cola and send yourself home and play upbeat songs that will help you improve your mood. Check out my playlist in my What I’m Listening to Post! ❤

2. Exercise…. GO TO THE GYM! The difference that this makes is incredible! If you don’t have access to a gym, take a jog outside until you do not have an ounce of energy left. I recommend exercising as often as possible, even if it is only 30 minutes a day. This regimen will drastically change your mood and even the way you feel about yourself.

3. Take a hot bath…. Put some Dr. Teals Soothe & Sleep with Lavender Epsom salt in the tub, light some candles and play some music that calms you down – A sure fire way to feel better is  to pretend you are Rihanna in her “Stay” Music video…  we can all agree being Rihanna for 10 minutes could brighten anyone’s day.


4. Read a novel…. I am well aware that reading is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the Manwhore series by Katy Evans could turn anyone into an avid reader. Reading allows you a  healthy temporary escape to your sadness and reality.

5. Read the bible… Strengthening my relationship with God has been a goal of mine and  I am finally holding myself accountable for seeing it through. The darkest times of my life were the times I spent self-educating myself by reading the bible and it always lifted my spirits drastically.

6. Write out why you are upset…. This has helped me immensely through my years. I will write out exactly how I feel and why I feel that way. I’ll look at it about ten minutes after I finished writing and read it over, it always gives me an alternate perspective to the situation I am in. After I have reread it, I write down how this situation can actually be positive, and how I can solve it. This allows you a clear perspective and plan of action.

8. Go to your favorite quiet spot…. Being somewhere that you feel comfortable is essential when it comes to assessing why you are upset or irritated. This sense of comfort will allow you to be brutally honest with what you are feeling and what is important. For example, when I am home from college and staying in Pennsylvania, I feel at peace at my grandparent’s grave or a field in my brother’s property.

10. Call your parents or a reliable confidante…. do not tell your problems to just anyone! I cannot stress this enough! Make sure the person you are venting to is someone you can trust. If you have a strong relationship with your parent’s or siblings, those people are the people you can confide in, and most likely, have your best interest at heart. If you feel like you need an outside opinion or  feel as if you have no one to turn to- consider therapy if it is an available option! It is better to pay someone to tell your secrets  (who legally cannot speak about them) than to than have them spread all over the whole wide freakin web universe!




Hello all my lovely ladies out there! This is my first ever look on Zsa Zsa Contour! Thank you so much for checking out my site, sharing, & supporting! I hope you enjoy! Constructive feed back is welcome! ❤

I was always afraid of flowy pants because I thought my legs were too short and stout for them (I’m only 5’6″), but these striped flow pants complimented my body shape greatly creating the illusion of a cinched waist/hourglass figure & guess what, even making my legs appear longer! A main priority of mine is comfort and these pants will stand the test of time, I might even go to bed with them on! 😉

I paired these outrageous pants with a simple black shirt, but you could also go another route with a white or even beige top with tan pointed toe stilettos to make the look more daytime-esque.

As for picking out a pair of shoes to go with this type of pant- I recommend heels to make your legs appear longer and slimmer!

Find the Pants Here!

Alternate Top!  (Another Top you could wear with the pants)

Similar Top! (Not the exact top pictured, but similar)



This sexy/casual look is so simple and the play on colors compliments a tan complexion so well! I have noticed I always lean toward dark/more neutral colors and so I decided to add a pop of color to my wardrobe for this spring season!

This outfit is perfect for a confused weather type of day (chilly in the mornings/ warmer in the afternoon). These are my favorite jeans- they are so affordable, comfortable, and compliment your body so nicely!

I paired this outfit with a chocker that matches the jeans to tie the outfit together & bring contrast to the shirt.

As for shoes, I love these all white Puma’s, they  make the outfit sporty & fun. Although I have to admit I have a bit of anxiety when I wear them because I don’t want to get them dirty 😝

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This edgy look is perfect  for the chilly spring days! It adds color and brightness to dull weather. It’s very casual and comfortable- my favorite kind of look. I actually bought these jeans at thrift store and cut the holes in them myself- there was no method to my madness I just put holes wherever I felt necessary.  I’m  so obsessed with thrifting and making store bought clothes my own!

Shop My Look: Hoodie!

Shop My Look: Boots!

I hope I provided you with some inspiration for outfits in this strange period of weather, make sure to tell me if you would like more posts like this & share me your variations of these looks ❤

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Coping With a Single Valentine’s Day

I’m sorry if you are dreading Valentine’s day.  BUT SORRY BABES, CAN’T RELATE: HOW CAN YOU WHEN THE IDEA IS REVOLVED AROUND ROMANCE, LOVE, FLOWERS, AND CHOCOLATE?!?! If I had to choose a life aesthetic, it would be revolved around everything Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day should not be revolved around reminding you that you are single, but that you are loved! If you need to be reminded- write a list of all of the lovely people you have in your life that you love dearly and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Take the initiative and celebrate Valentine’s according to  your own terms, not society’s.  Go out and buy yourself some cheap flowers, a stuffed animal, light some candles, FaceTime your parents, & read a good romance novel (the Manwhore series by Katy Evans is a personal favorite). I think it’s my inner passion for English that has caused me to be a hopeless romantic. And when I say hopeless, I don’t mean it lightly. Your grandmother probably receives more texts in a day than I do. Being excruciatingly single doesn’t make me sad or want to rush into a relationship that I wouldn’t put my all into and it doesn’t discourage me from believing in true love. I promise, love will find you- unexpectedly, and in God’s timing💜

If you are more of a movie type of gal, invite one of your single friends to see Fifty Shades Darker, splurge on an Icey & popcorn,  and enjoy your singleness together. I have been desperately waiting for this sequel to come out for two years so, to me, this is an ideal combination (favorite movie/favorite holiday).

Hey, why not take the liberty of taking yourself on a date if you don’t have one, put your best dress on, find a glam look- go ALL THE WAY over board, and post an instagram picture that makes your ex cry, BUT make sure to look fierce enough that he knows you would never respond to his inevitable “hope you’re doing well” or “miss you” text. If you have a newly single friend, make sure to include them in this one!


But really Valentine’s Day is my favorite freakin holiday, and if you happen to see a dozen roses on my Instagram I totally bought them for myself- make sure to tag me in your single gal Valentine’s day post 😉

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